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  "Chess effects on the person development and helps him to find life purpose."
  Chess consists of huge history and secrets.
  Chess protects the person from making the wrong decisions and actions.
 Chess cultivates severity and strong spirit in the person.
person development and helps him to find life purpose."

 ‘ Chess as a life model’ serves to provide a perfect foundation to help in a child’s establishment of those first small goals by which their future academic and professional lives shall come to be channelled, definitively ensconcing those fundamental attributes of time management and lasting vision, by which a firm and enduring purpose may be lastingly made incarnate.
 The programme’s itinerary consists of the following:

    •  Consummate instruction in the art of Chess play.
    •  A detailed history of Chess and its global significance.
    •  Detailed insights into the strategies, tactics and nuance of Chess and of its social allegories.
    •  Explanation of Chess theory and the successful habits of leading Grand Masters.
    •  Employment of virtual Chess models and game situations to encourage the development initiative and lateral thinking.


 In addition, the programme is complemented by informal lessons in drawing and modelling, with the change of pace as facilitated in such a variety of activity, contributing to a balanced enhancement of cognition in both junior and senior students.


 By the positive emotional atmosphere that is enjoyed by pupils during lessons, this last element serves as the final step towards safeguarding that consummate inculcation of all knowledge gleaned and learned, which may then, in turn, be readily applied within the sphere of everyday life.


2008 – 2010  University of Latvia  Study Program“ Psychology”.


 - Professional bachelor’s degree in psychology and qualification of psychologist’s assistant(study continues)

2009, 2010 – Courses of Daniil Spivakovsky.

 - Participant of the courses, assistant, author of the video presentation “Classes Actor Art and Efficiency of Professional Conversation”.

2016 - PVG certificate


2008   SIA CHAROIT F Training Centre, psychologist’s assistant


2010 to 2010 organized international cybersports tournament „Riga eSports Festival” together with a youth initiative group.


2010 to 2012 implemented personal chess project “The intellectual development of problematic children and youth”.


  - Financial support for this project was provided by the state agency “Agency for International Programs for Youth”.

 The project was implemented in 4 boarding schools in Riga.




2012 to 2014 implemented personal chess project in the Latvian Oncology department of Children's Clinical University Hospital.


 2015 – present


 - Chess project: “CHESS AS A LIFE MODEL” adaptation for online and international consulting


May 2016 - present


 - Chess Teacher, Lecturer (Self-employed ) at Chess Centre “CHESS LIFE” in Edinburgh, Scotland.







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